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Breath & Blood Tests in Montgomery County

Arrested for DWI After Failing a Breath or Blood Test?

In Texas, drunk driving charges are referred to as DWI, or driving while intoxicated, charges. Per Texas law, one of the definitions of “intoxicated” is having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or greater. Montgomery County law enforcement will determine a driver’s BAC by using a breath test or blood test.

Doug Atkinson is a Montgomery County DWI defense attorney who is experienced in representing clients charged with driving while intoxicated, even those who have failed a breath test or blood test which was administered after their arrest. Even in the face of a high BAC reading, Mr. Atkinson may be able to achieve stellar results in defending a DWI case.

How do breath tests work? If I fail, will I be convicted?

A breath test is most commonly administered after a DWI arrest. During the test, the individual will blow into a machine which will then measure the level of alcohol in his/her breath. This breath alcohol level then used to measure the individual’s blood alcohol level.

Breath test machines have their faults, and they are many. For instance, operator error or an improperly calibrated machine may lead to a faulty breath test reading. Additionally, certain mechanical equipment may interfere with a breath test. These are just a few of the factors that Doug Atkinson will consider when defending a client who has failed a breath test.

Challenging BAC Evidence in Montgomery County, TX

A blood test is considered to be more accurate than a breath test, as it is used to measure the level of alcohol directly from an individual’s blood. After a DWI arrest, a blood sample may be taken which will then be chemically tested to determine the driver’s blood alcohol concentration. Blood tests also have potential faults which may become present and cause a test to show an inaccurate result.

For instance, an untrained or distracted police officer may administer the test incorrectly or may fail to correctly test the blood sample. There are a number of technical issues which may arise, all of which may be addressed by an independent analysis of the blood sample by professionals, to determine whether any mistakes were made.

Turn to Douglas W. Atkinson, Attorney at Law for Help

Did you fail a breath test or blood test and were subsequently arrested for driving while intoxicated? Contact Montgomery County DWI lawyer Doug Atkinson today!

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